Angela Cummings


Honoring the Unique Character of LUKE Wines

LUKE Wines are produced from grapes grown in the Wahluke Slope AVA in Washington state. Wahluke is the Wanapum word for “watering place.” Just as the Wahluke Slope is unique in climate and character, LUKE wines created a new way of describing not only their wine, but the essence of the land and people that come together to create a distinguished experience.

I was honored to be asked by the wine makers to describe LUKE – the man and his point of view – in the following vignettes that are featured on the labels of LUKE wines.

LUKE Cabernet Sauvignon label

The true depth of a man’s character is often unknowable, but one conversation was enough to convince me that Luke was an imitation of no one. He revealed himself slowly, like a freed wind emerging from the shadow of a mountain. Undeniably complex. Bold and determined, but unabashedly generous.

LUKE Chardonnay label

“At first, this walk seems familiar – the same path I’ve traveled a hundred times. But it isn’t. Look around. Notice the veins of the leaves, this afternoon hour’s particular angle of light, and know that tomorrow this walk will be new again. Our singular journey of life – how wonderfully it emerges, illuminates us, and how quickly it goes.”

LUKE Companion label

“Together, we are a perfect union of blended character. Our shared language – a nod of the head, a gentle gesture. Our shared currency: enduring loyalty. Joyously inseparable; silent in our companionship, because everything we could ever imagine is already expressed between us.”