Angela Cummings

On the Rocks

Is that Ice in Your Volcanoes or Are You Just Happy to Be Alive?
March 31, 2022

Our friends in the Astroverse have published a new discovery regarding our Outlier Hero, Pluto. This news is heartening on several levels, not least of which is the reassurance that when Earth finally goes out of business due to lack of ability to sustain Homo sapiens in any reasonable format, the byproduct of which will be the shuttering of all 7-11s everywhere, the universe will still be making slushies on demand.

But back to our hero. What science has just admitted to us (albeit seven years later) is that out there on the frigid edge, this baby got a fire inside!

Make no mistake – the heart-shaped ice sheet; the ridge of volcanoes still oozing out their stuff; the slow, cool ocean resting just beneath the surface – do not disregard what all this adds up to. Our Hero, like all heroes, is a romantic.

And while the A-list Planets cuddle up in their most recent flamboyant conjunction, Pluto silently waits; ready to pour a cosmic cocktail whenever his Galactic Compatriots bother to be in the neighborhood.

Neat? Or on the rocks? Whatever you want. Pluto abides.

We thank you, New Horizons, for granting that our Romantic, Patient Hero might very well be alive. And more importantly, for inching us closer to the long awaited, though inevitable day when the Scientists will eventually prove that the Poets have been right about everything all along.